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The Best Kitchen Interior Design For A Modern Home in 2021

Modern Kitchen trends 2021

A kitchen is a place of stories and memories. Family members come to the kitchen for meals that are made with love. The kitchen is where we get our nourishment and refuel our energy. These are some of the reasons why it is dubbed the heart of the home. Because you enjoy moments in the kitchen, you aspire to make it beautiful and comfortable. There are various designs that you may consider when sprucing up your kitchen. Modern kitchen styles have a sleek and timeless look. If you think that modern means plain and boring then you should think again. Modern kitchens can have a whimsical touch. They promote modish stools, hip lighting, and sometimes a burst of color.

Today, we are listing down modern kitchen ideas to inspire you on your decorating or renovating journey.

1. Timeless Stainless Steel

If there’s a style that doesn’t fade away, it’s the sleek and bright metallic finish.

Homeowners and foodservice alike rely on stainless steel. It is known for its durability and versatility. Not to mention that it appears neat and classy.

Stainless steel is always in style. Hence, it’s a safe way to go if you want a modern kitchen design. You can never go wrong with stainless steel for cabinets, tables, or countertops.

2. Vivid Colors in the Cabinetry

Striking hues make a statement. Bold shades like gold and copper scream modern. So, you might want to try picking them for cabinet hardware.

Open shelves are also sleek and stylish, especially ones in natural wood.

3. Calacatta Marble

White marble has been widely used in the kitchen and bathroom. Calacatta has a white surface with vivid and dramatic veins. Veins appear in gold, brown, beige, or gray hues. Calacatta is the sibling of the Carrara marble. Although Carrara is more widely used, Calacatta is whiter in appearance.

Many house owners believe that the whiter the marble, the more elegant it looks. Hence, Calacatta marble is expected to gain more traction than other kinds. Although, as you can expect, Calacatta is more expensive.

Calacatta marble also  makes a great countertop, backsplash, and tile floor or wall.

4. Masculine Décor

Masculine design is having a moment in contemporary spaces. Masculine details feature deep colors and clean lines. A simple lighting fixture and a dark leather stool are some examples.

Masculine décor is simple and sharp, and therefore easy to achieve. At the same time, it creates a sophisticated vibe that will never go out of style. For example, Moody accents match plain white cabinetry and a black kitchen island.

5. Uncommon Materials

According to interior designer Alison Pick art, “In the coming years, we can expect to see unfamiliar materials in the kitchen.” She also mentioned about the presence of brass sheets as countertops and leather as cabinet covers. Leather has always been a familiar fabric in the home, especially in the living room. Also, it often appears in the kitchen as a durable stool upholstery.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop is an upholstery and curtain shop that offers stylish leather and other hardwearing fabrics.

6. Mirrored Surfaces

If you’re a fan of shiny surfaces, you probably love stainless steel and metallic accents. A great way to display your love for the gorgeous sheen look is through a mirrored kitchen island. Reflect your kitchen’s brilliance with a mirrored island that can rock the modern and minimalist styles.

A mirrored island can add light to a dark space or create more visual space to a small kitchen. A dramatic and alluring mirrored island works well with wood and white color schemes. It also looks great with stone and marble countertops.

7. Black-and-White Tiles


Interior design trends come and go. However, the fusion of black and white remains a timeless classic. This color combo can work effortlessly with any room in the house, but it appears particularly charming in the kitchen.

Bring some funky vibes in the kitchen through a checkered flooring. Black-and-white tiles give off a classic yet modern look. Checker floors will add eye-catching detail to your white or metallic kitchen.

Since the flooring leaves a bold impression, you can neutralize the area through white backsplash and cabinetry, and a dark countertop.

8. Small-Space Solutions

Since the kitchen is a busy area, those who live in small homes may find a tiny kitchen bothersome. That’s why clever space-saving features are on the rise. They can bring wonders to a studio apartment kitchen.

In one particular design by Matthew Ferrarini, used folding doors to tuck away the whole kitchen counter.

9. Pet Feeding Stations

Dog cantinas have been on the rise in modern kitchen trends. In fact, the Kitchen and Bath Association disclosed that in 2016, half of their members were tasked to make custom areas for pets.

Built-in and “pull-out” food bowls are in-demand among many pet owners. This pet-friendly feature is nothing short of a gorgeous modern kitchen design.

10. Well-Balanced Ambience

A balance of elements creates a stable and pleasant look. You can achieve a harmonious appearance in the kitchen by coordinating opposing forces. For instance, you can blend your metallic furniture and white backsplash with wooden flooring and brass chairs.

Strike a balance in the space with a warm and sophisticated aesthetic.

11. Serene Green

People are becoming more aware of the issues with sustainability. Hence, you can expect sustainable materials to take over the kitchen of modern homes. Unexpectedly, the green color is in style as well. A green cupboard or stone can bring a calm atmosphere.

Alternatively, you can brighten up the kitchen by adding greenery. You wouldn’t need a spacious garden when you can set up a mini plant collection in the kitchen.

12. Brick Backsplash

Since subway tiles have been the trend for quite some time, it may appear dated and boring. Hence, you might want to count on brick for a stylish alternative. Red bricks give off a rustic vibe. To keep it from looking too intimidating, you can also add white-wash some of them.