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Boris Johnson’s Farewell Speech, Exited with Arnold’s Terminator Quote

Boris Johnson’s Farewell Speech

Boris Johnson’s farewell speech also encapsulated his achievements and services as a PM.

According to, he was forced by a mass revolt to give his resignation. As per the latter, he was no longer capable of being a prime minister of UK. 

Although he had proposed a tremendous number of services beneficial for the country, he was also defamed by many. The emergence of illegitimate parties at Downing Street is one of many scandals to be blamed on Boris.

Several resignations, such as from Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak were the results of the Boris scandals they couldn’t tolerate. However, according to Boris Johnson’s farewell speech video revealed by, a lot of far-fetched achievements were cited.

This farewell was arranged at PMQs, Questions to the Prime Minister, and a weekly held QA session for prime ministers. PM Boris’ final speech to the parliament addressed his last few years to be a great rectitude of his life. 

He also specified the revolution of democracy and renovation of the UK’s national independence. Furthermore, he mentioned his struggle for the country during the pandemic and his safeguarding of another country from barbarism. 

He then proceeded precisely with, “mission largely accomplished!”

Additionally, he thanked his staff, friends, and colleagues and pursued “hasta la vista, baby”. This is the well-famed dialogue of Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his movie, Terminator 2. This quote particularly means, see you later.

Despite Boris Johnson’s Farewell Speech, Tory Members Are Mandating Him Back as the Prime Minister

According to, Tories are demanding a vote for Boris Johnson as well in the leadership ballot. They aspire to have him back as a PM of the UK. Besides, among the shortlisted candidates, the members are requesting to also include his vote as an option.

Moreover, the number of these members is more than 2000, holding a significant weightage toward the raised query. The petition is organized by David Campbell-Bannerman and Lord Cruddas. They are a former Conservative MEP, and a Tory donor, respectively.

Aligning Boris Johnson’s Farewell Speech Aside, Who Are the New UK Prime Minister Candidates?

To succeed Johnson, the finalists are Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak.

For South West Norfolk, Liz Truss has been the MP since 2010. Additionally, her other career endeavors incorporate Minister of Women and Equalities as well as a Conservative Party member. 

Alternatively, as per The UK Time research, Rishi Sunak has served as the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Also, he was the Member of Parliament, however, for Richmond (Yorks).