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BT Share Price: Introduction, Latest Price & Statistics

BT Share Price

This article highlights the latest particulars on BT share price.

Investment, profits, shares, and stocks, are some of the crucial labels associated with finance and business. The sole purpose of the latter is to earn money by strategizing ways of monetization. Besides, many businesses today have accomplished a lot in these terms.

Additionally, today The UK Time has elected one of the essential titles in the British business community. In conjunction with the indicators on share price, there are also some related aspects to be clarified.

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What Is BT Group?

Being headquartered in London UK, BT Group is one of the esteemed multinational organizations. With a rich and stretched history, it was founded in 1846 as the Electric Telegraph Company. Its industry is telecommunications with services serving worldwide. 

Being formerly known as British Telecom, it has multiple subsidiaries like BT Ireland, BT Italia, EE, Openreach, and Plusnet. Moreover, its divisions encompass consumer, enterprise, and global services, with Adam Crozier and Philip Jansen being the key people.

Furthermore, some of BT Group’s products are mobile telephony, IT and network services, fixed-line telephony, digital television, and home security. Others are broadband internet, telecommunications equipment, and fibre-optic communication. General Post Office and Post Office Telecommunications are its predecessors. 

What Is Meant by Share Price?

BT share price, in simple words, is the price of one share. This is usually not fixed and is reformed depending on the company’s market value. Moreover, this is also the definition of any share price, in general. 

The Following Data on BT Share Price Is Consulted from

This BT Group share price information is as per the 22nd of April, 2022 with the almost exact imitation from the linked site page.

Sell: 186.35p, Buy: 186.40p

Open: 186.95p, Trade high: 189.40p, Year high: 206.60p, Market cap: £18.50 bn, Previous close: 188.35p, Trade low: 185.48p, Year low: 134.85p, P/E ratio: 9.97, Previous: (up) 2.20p, Volume: 9,821,942, Dividend yield: 1.24%, EMS: 7,500

Fundamental Data

Year ending 31/03/2021
Revenue (£m) 21,331.00
Profit before tax (£m) 1,804.00
Adjusted EPS (p) 18.90
P/E ratio 8.20
PEG n/a
EPS growth (%) (20.00)

Recent Dividends

Type Ex-div date Amount
Interim 30/12/2021 2.31p
Interim 24/12/2019 4.62p
Final 08/08/2019 10.78p
Interim 27/12/2018 4.62p
Final 09/08/2018 10.55p

Some BT Share Price Key Statistics from encompass:

P/E Ratio 17.56
PEGY Ratio 1.8804
Shares Outstanding 9.93B
Price to Book Ratio 1.5325
Price to Sales Ratio 0.8782
1 Year Return 21.87%
30 Day Avg Volume 16,438,800
EPS 0.11
Dividend 1.24%
Last Dividend Reported 2.31


What Are Trade High and Trade Low Parameters in Above Share Price UK Statistics?

Trade high and trade low are basically the fluctuating figures in BT share price UK stats. They are based on a given period of time. For instance, trade high marks the highest cost in that time while trade low is the vice versa. 

What Is ‘p’ in the Above BT Group Share Price Data?

The ‘p’ in the records of BT Group share price means pence or penny, the singular form. It is a British unit of money that is equal to one-hundredth part of a pound. Moreover, it is also one of the smallest financial units.

How Do You Define BT.A in BT.A Share Price?

According to, BT.A in BT.A share price simply stands for BT Group Plc (London Stock Exchange [LSE]).

How to Find BT Share Price Today?

In regards to BT share price today, the above-mentioned are, in actuality, the latest information. We have referred to numerous websites to determine the precise figures. 

What Is Interim Dividend?

The interim dividend is a sort of disbursement done before the AGM (Annual General Meeting). Its counterpart is the final dividend. Moreover, the dividend itself is the amount of money paid by a company to its shareholders from the profits.

The data on the recent dividends in the table incorporated above demonstrates the two sorts of dividends paid. Besides, there are also the dates of former dividends and the amount in pence paid by BT Group.