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A Short Guide to Playground Climbing Frames

Climbing Frames

Climbing frames are exciting, fun pieces of equipment that improve many settings where kids are encouraged to play outdoors. 

If you are considering enhancing your outdoor space with this kind of apparatus, it’s always good to know a little more about why they are a good idea, what options are available, and how you might go about getting something high-quality installed. 

To help you, here’s a quick insight into this fantastic playground equipment item: 

What Is a Playground Climbing Frame? 

A playground climbing frame is pretty much any piece of equipment designed for children to climb. When placed in a playground setting, the equipment has been designed with safety in mind. The wood and metal are smoothed, the heights of the climbing parts are age-appropriate, and any user risk is managed in line with legal safety standards. 

Climbing frames can be very simple in their design and a great example of that is metal climbing frames supporting a net climbing design. Frames can then get more elaborate and can be something like climbing frames with slides, bridges, and mini climbing walls. 

Climbing frames also come with an age recommendation because they have to be designed with safety in mind. The risk management ability of a child, and his or her ability to handle a fall from a certain height, change with age. For example, a scramble net one-metre log climber might be suitable for kids aged three and above because it is lower in height, but kids aged 6 and above can use something like wooden climbing frames such as a Titan wooden frame, which is more elaborate and tall. 

These considerations mean that the ages of the kids who use your outdoor space is relevant as to which playground climbing frames are suitable for your needs. 

Why Install a Playground Climbing Frame? 

Climbing frames are, at a bare minimum, something structural and aesthetically pleasing to add to a child’s outdoor space. They encourage fun and play, and provide a centrepiece for any playground. 

Climbing frames also have many more benefits that go far beyond the smiles and laughter of children enjoying them, and some of those benefits for kids are: 

Of course, every climbing frame is different in its offerings, but there is no doubt that for a child, the very least they will gain from the feature is fun, but in reality, they will make many gains they are completely unaware of during climbing frame play. 


If you would like a playground climbing frame installed, you’ll need to consult a professional playground equipment company who will be able to help you get the perfect product installed. You’ll need a full consultation to discuss the kind of apparatus you want, where you want it, and when you want it. The surface may also need to be prepared so that the equipment can be safely installed. 

With the right professional playground equipment company, you can have beautiful, educational equipment installed in your outdoor space for the benefit of any children lucky enough to have access to it. 

Take the Next Step to Get a Beautiful Playground Climbing Frame in Your Outdoor Space

A playground climbing frame is incredibly beneficial for kids, who can have a lot of fun whilst they learn, socialise and thrive out in the fresh air. If you’d love to maximise the benefits of your playground area with a climbing frame, speak to a professional playground equipment company today for quick, safe, and professional frames, and expert installation.