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Reasons Why Cos is One of The Favorite Brand in The UK


Since its launch in 2007, COS UK has pioneered aesthetics with minimalist, modern, and grown-up styles. Today, COS stores are all around the globe, making it easy for shopping lovers to get chic style wearing no matter where they are. 

Regarding designs, its styles are the way to go as fashionable wear especially inspired by architecture, varying designs, and graphics. Its outfits have more grown-up looks, so it has become people’s first choice when it comes to filling their wardrobe with a modern chic dressing sense. 

In this blog catered by The UK Time, we have highlighted some reasons COS is one of my favourite brands today, and its features make it stand out in the market. So let’s begin.

Focus on Architectural Designs 

Everyone wants to look different; therefore, they like to opt for dresses that should be slightly different. COS is helping people to look unique and stylish on every occasion as it offers artier designs with a focus on minimal and architectural styles and designs. 

COS Designs Last for Years

COS is formed on the ethos of fabricating designs that will last for many years. Whether you purchase online or from COS UK stores, you will get clothing care advice on each purchase because the brand strives to retain impeccable customer satisfaction. 

It Seems More Expensive Than It is 

Some street stores will not look out of place on the runways during the high-profile fashion week of the work, but COS is one of them. The materials used in its clothing look pricier. Each fabric, design, and unique style reflects the quality of the world famous brand.

The Colors and Prints are Modern 

Some bright and shocking colours and prints are frumpy, but this is not the case with the COS, as while browsing the website or visiting the store, you will find a combination of bold shapes and neutral and graphical, and printed ts that match with the weather in all seasons. 

There is Plenty of Asymmetries 

Many people love asymmetry and like to follow it in their outfits. COS has many asymmetrical dresses to opt for. You can choose any top or dress because you will look gorgeous in every piece.

The Brand Appeal to Many Style Personalities 

When visiting any branded outlet, the clothes are not that appealing, no matter how stylish and modern they look. Still, COS clothing has an architectural, minimalist, and euro chic style personality that perfectly suits all personalities.

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Pretty Tops

At the COS store, you will find exceptional leggings and skinny pants. You will not find bandage-style dresses as it offers pretty, loose-fitting, and flowing dresses that are cleverly structured. You can wear brights, neutral, and plenty of graphic prints and strips that go with all seasons. 

Jackets and Coats 

Whether it is summer or entering into fall, you need a cover-up. It offers short cardigans and sleeveless waistcoats that you can also wear in the summer!

Pants and Skirts

If you have bored with outdated fashion and want to wear something timeless classic, try pants and skirts at COS, which is an excellent place to try them. You will find a wide range of great basics that you can wear for years. 

Shoes, Bags, and Accessories 

Besides clothing, COS has a range of bags, shoes, and accessories. You will find low heels and styles of modern and classic trends. Moreover, there are accessories collections such as statement necklaces with bold designs, slouchy bags of neutral shades, and cool sun hats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What does the COS brand stand for?

COS brand stands for Collection of Style. The brand started life as a retail experiment inspired by the H&M Group.

  1. Does COS offer discounts on sales?

Yes, they offer discounts during one-off and sale period promotions. You can sign up for their newsletter to be the first to know.