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England Cricket is at Loss: Indians Flew back from Manchester

England Cricket is at Loss: Indians Flew back from Manchester

Friday’s cancellation of the match led to millions of losses to the English cricket team.

According to The Telegraph, England cricket is at the loss of nearly 40 million pounds. The outrage was initiated on Friday when the test match was cancelled two hours prior to the beginning. The reason lies in the positive COVID cases.

Besides, this also devastated the fans and cost them the prices of tickets. However, the refund is on its way. Indian team thus moved to the United Arab Emirates for IPL.

The uncertain circumstances of the UK’s country England is also the result of the early refusal of the Indian team. The latter sent a letter to the board citing the COVID condition.

Furthermore, they were doubted about not being able to participate in the IPL. The team was also bothered to stick in Manchester for a longer time.

Though, the chief executive of ECB has a different point of view on this matter. Tom Harrison says that the team was not mentally prepared for the game. Hence, the virus is not the actual reason.

Tom further stated that the insurance companies cannot cover COVID withdrawals. The mental reasons are apt to encourage corporations for covering 8 million pounds in revenues of tickets and match day.

England team is at loss. India is blaming COVID 19

According to The UK Time News, there were discussions between ECB and BCCI for continuity of the test match. However, it failed due to the case awakenings in the Indian team.

England cricket is at loss but the compensation is there in rescheduling the test match. BCCI does honour this decision. However, highly pressurized due to the tight summer schedule. International Cricket Council will referee this matter.

The concern is whether the cancellation is because of COVID or did India forfeit. England’s argument is towards the mental health issues of Indians. As the players tested negative on Thursday, a day before the match.

Tom Harrison is refusing to blame India for their attendance at the book launch of Ravi Shastri. Accordingly, the latter was not exposed to risk in London. Since the entire squad attended the ceremony and only three members are infected.

Moreover, after that ceremony, the entire team was tested negative, a weekend prior to the three emergences of cases.