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Prize Money Announcement for T20 World Cup Winners

Prize Money Announcement for T20 World Cup Winners

ICC has announced its prize money for the winners of the T20 World Cup. The winners of 2021’s T20 World Cup will be awarded $1.6Millions and the runners-up will get $800,000.

Each team of losing semi-finalists will take home $400,000 each. Total $5.6Millions will be allotted for the complete tournament. This sum-up money will be shared by all 16 participants of 2021’s World Cup tournament.

Bonus Amount for Teams

The ICC has announced that they will continue to award bonus amounts for teams during the Super 12 stage of the tournament. It is similar to the 2016’s case of edition tournaments.

The victor teams during all the matches and Super 12 stage tournaments will get an edition amount of $40,000 _ an overall sum up of $1,200,000. The teams which get defeat in the Super 12 stage tournament will also get $70,000 each _ which makes the total sum up to $560,000.

Fixtures of ICC T20 World Cup

ICC has made a complete set-up about how to reward teams during round 1. During 12 matches of round one, all participants will be rewarded with $40,000 each _ make the sum up of $480,000. The total prize money allotted by ICC for round 1 is $160,000. The four teams that defeat during stage one will get $40,000 each.

Names of Participants in ICC T20 World Cup

It is confirmed that eight teams will participate in round one of the tournaments including Oman, the Netherland, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Bangladesh, Namibia, and Papua New Gina.

Moreover, eight teams are also confirmed which will participate in the Super 12 Stage of the tournament in Oman & UAE. The names of participants are India, West Indies, Pakistan, England, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, and South Africa.

Break Adjustments

Apart from the entire additional prize money edition in 2021’s tournament, ICC has also announced drink breaks for teams that will take place during matches. Playing Teams will get 2 minutes and 30 seconds of a break to drink. These breaks will occur in every match during the halfway mark of each inning.