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All You Need to Know About Red Diesel With FAQs

Red Diesel

Red diesel in car, also in general, come with many myths and legends surrounding it. Why it became, such a resource of misinformation is debatable. In reality, there is no mystery regarding red diesel, and with this article, we will clear up some of the myths. 

Using red diesel generally is not allowed, and this article shall explain why. We will also discuss many frequently asked questions about using red diesel and its applications. First off;

What is red diesel?

Red diesel UK is simply diesel, which has been dyed red. Red diesel is not any special fuel, with an altered refining process than ordinary diesel. The red diesel is as ordinary as it can get. 

Why is red diesel dyed red?

It is not uncommon to dye fuel as it helps differentiate the taxes and duties on that specific fuel. When it comes to red diesel UK, it only means the fuel is hugely rebated to be utilized cheaply for off-the-road applications. 

Tractors and other farm to mining machinery, and certain other types of vehicles enjoy paying lesser taxes while using red diesel as an economic subsidy. 

Why is red diesel illegal?

If your car runs on diesel, you might be tempted to fill up your tank with the subsidized red diesel, and the price of red diesel UK is much lower. If you are trying to use red diesel in car, you can end up facing fines and possible jail time too. If you are caught or suspected of using red diesel in cars, this will mean you have been labeled a thief and will be prosecuted for it. 

If you use red diesel in car and the car is for your use on a public road, then clearly you have committed a crime. However, if you fill up red diesel in modern cars and use them off-road for commercial purposes, then you are in the clear.

If you are in the process of buying a new car and can’t decide if you should get petrol or a diesel engine, we advise to not to let the price of red diesel tempt you and sway your buying decision – since using red diesel in modern cars is not a viable option. As if and when you are stopped and checked, rest assured that the red dye will be a dead giveaway that you are trying to avoid paying taxes on the fuel. 

Fun-Fact: The off-road machines have the same diesel motors as any other vehicle. 

What Is Red Diesel Fuel?

Today’s topic headline says it all; we are defining what red diesel is and clarifying many myths about cherry juice, as it is called in many places. We will give you some examples of where red diesel can be used and narrow down the facts and fiction about how the red diesel is different from the No. 2 diesel –most vehicle owners and aficionados are familiar with. 

Does color really make a difference?

First thing first, the color!

From a chemical and composition standpoint, the red diesel is exactly the same fluid as the well-known No.2 fuel, which is used in buses, trucks, and in some cars on the roads. The only and the prime difference between the two is that the red diesel is for off-road vehicles engines. In addition to machines such as the tractors and bulldozers – which are primarily used on the farms and at the construction sites. 

Purpose of Red Color 

The red color of the red diesel comes from an added dye – added to identify the fuel versus clear diesel. This identification between the clear diesel and the red diesel is important and necessary owing to the unique/specific laws that prohibit the use of red diesel in vehicles that are driven on the public streets. 

Why does color have to do with red diesel pricing? 

We all are familiar with the general outcry and complaints about the taxes that are imposed on the fuel we buy. Red diesel is subjected to a rebated tax; therefore, its price is much lower than the No. 2 fuel, as the fuel is intended for off-road vehicles – which are mainly run at the farms, mining operations, and other commercial setups.  

The use of a color-coded ID aids in clarifying the identification of exemptions for certain types of fuels like home heating oil. The fuel used in the airplanes can be purple, red, blue, or even green. Diesel is also dyed in blue in many countries, namely; Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and France. 

Does Red Diesel work with my car? 

This is one of the most asked questions regarding the red diesel. The short answer is a YES! 

However, using red diesel in private cars is illegal. As mentioned before, the red diesel price is subsidized with lower tax ratios as this fuel is intended for use in off-road farm machines, engines, and vehicles. If you use red diesel in modern cars, on the road – you are committing a felony, tax evasion that is charged with jail time and fines. 

Where is red diesel sold and distributed? 

The off-road diesel is blended by many major oil companies such as Shell. It is distributed in agricultural and farming areas and various other locations where the fuel is high in demand. 

Does red diesel damage engines?

No, the red diesel will not damage the engine as it is just regular diesel with an added red dye. The dye itself will not harm your car or any internal parts of the engine either. 

Can I use red diesel in my boat?

Depends; if you are using your boat for a commercial operation, then you can use red diesel. 

If the boat is for your private use and pleasure, then this lies in the gray area. Until a few years ago, the boasters were allowed to use red diesel. There have been talks to decide if this should be allowed to continue again. However, with Brexit further muddying the waters, nothing concrete has been decided yet. 

Does red diesel smoke more?

Supposing your red diesel is of the same quality as the clear diesel, it will not produce any additional smoke than the regular diesel. 

Is red diesel bad for your car?

Evidently, no, the red diesel will not harm your engine or, for that matter, even any other part of the vehicle. Red diesel is the same as clear diesel but with an added red dye. The off-road machinery, vehicles, and equipment have the same diesel motors as regular automobiles. 

Can you mix red diesel and normal diesel?

Mixing red and clear diesel is not an issue, as the only difference between the two is the red dye. There have been instances where people, after purchasing a truck that was used for off-road diesel, switched to the standard diesel – and the vehicle ran just fine. 

What color is diesel? 

Diesel comes out yellow or clear in color. However, fuels in the UK and around the world are dyed in various colors to distinguish between them for special purposes. 

Is red diesel better than normal diesel?

No, the red diesel is neither better nor worse than the normal/regular diesel. The red diesel won’t increase the fuel efficiency or curb the smoke exhaust better than the regular diesel. Red diesel and regular diesel are essentially the same fuel; the only difference is the added red dye in the off-road red diesel.