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Top 5 Best Luxury Steak Houses In the UK

Best Luxury Steak Houses

It won’t be wrong to say steaks are a gift for all beef lovers, and steak houses are heaven for them!

When it comes to a delicious, juicy, and satisfying meal, all you need is an excellent grilled steak! A perfectly cooked and tender meat is every meat lover’s dream and if you are residing in London, feel lucky as this place is packed with the best and beefiest luxury steak houses. 

Whether you want to have British beef for lunch or tomahawk ribeye for dinner, the capital’s steak houses will provide you with your desired yummiest dishes. You will only need to decide how much cash you want to spend as you will find loads of steak houses, but there are also some luxury restaurants for a big meaty blowout. 

In this blog, we have covered you with the five best luxury steak houses in the UK; let’s have a look and book your table there!

  1. Goodman Mayfair 

Goodman Fair is always the top choice for steak lovers. This Russian-owned steak house brings Manhattan to Mayfair with its luxurious and well-aged look. 

Goodman Mayfair is a must-go place if you want a flavorful steak with a side of steak. The fresh specialty cuts are perfectly cooked and smoked with a light charcoal crust as a topping. You will get delicious sauce with your favorite piece of meat like peppercorn, bearnaise, and red wine. 

Its ambiance is welcoming, with dimly lit dining and dark wood rooms. You will love their tiny lamps, brown leather chairs, and bookshelves against the wall. This place is truly excellent; you should visit there once!

  1. Hawksmoor Seven Dials

Hawksmoor Seven Dials is designed with a leather-clad basement and buzzy wood with a captivating down appeal. Like its meaty friends Guildhall, Borough, and Spitalfields, this steak house branch of the Hawksmoor bandwagon has the mighty slabs of most favorite British-reared above all else.

Apart from food, this place offers you a variety of events. You can have a long lunch, a hot date, or a birthday party at Hawksmoor Seven Dials. It is set in a buzzy basement with flattering lighting that lightens up anyone’s mood.

Let’s have a dinner night and make memories at this place!

  1. Berners Tavern 

A real champ place with a vast baroque-style dining area, Berners Tavern has walls lined with portrait designs. The steak house is dress-up fancy and set in the grandest and most glamorous Midas-touch restaurants of Jason Atherton. 

The kitchen provides seasonal British ingredients as its exceptional grass-fed steaks from Buccleuch Estate are awe-inspiring. Besides its special meal, this restaurant has other appealing dishes with luscious flavors. Berners Tavern will give you an utter glamour experience for sure. Have a good family time there!

  1. High Timber 

If you are a fan of beautiful views, then High Timber is for you! This place sits a skip and hops from the Millennium Bridge with mesmerizing views across the Tate Modern and Globe Theatre.  It is modern with glass windows, a low ceiling, and wooden furniture.

The restaurant’s favorite steaks are Sirloin and ribeye steaks made with top-notch Cumbrian beef and served with various sauces from biltong butter to traditional bearnaise. 

If you want an utterly satisfying steak, then your meal is incomplete without visiting this place!

  1. Heliot Steak House

Amazing place with lovely food and a fantastic atmosphere – all credit goes to Heliot Steak House as the recommended place. Heliot Steak House is among the best steak houses in London as they serve USDA prime steaks that are simply the best in the world. 

The elegant place gives you a luxurious feel while having a great meal. The range between developed flavor and tenderness, this steak house comes with a wide range of toppings and sauces that will take your steak taste to the next level.

If you haven’t tried the steaks at Heliot Steak House, you are missing so much!

Wrapping Up

So above were the top five steak houses in The UK Time. The piece of ultimate meat deserves the right place to bring out its best qualities. You can visit these places to discover the best gift for yourself if you are genuinely a beef lover!