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Who is Sung Hoon, and what you Should know About Him?

Sung Hoon's
  1. Sung Hoon Bio

Sung Hoon was born on January 21, 1987. He is a South Korean singer and actor under the label BH Entertainment. Sung Hoon’s took part in the JTBC audition program “MIXNINE,” which concluded on December 9, 2017. He emerged as the winner of the male team on December 9, 2017. Being a winner of the audition program “MIXNINE,” Sung Hoon entered YG Entertainment as a trainee.

  1. Sung Hoon’s educational background

Before becoming a singer, he studied at Seoul School of Performing Arts, majoring in acting since 2010.

  1. Sung Hoon’s family

His father, Mr. Lee, worked in the insurance industry, and His mother, Mrs. Choi, was a housewife. Sung Hoon has a younger brother studying at Seoul School of Performing Arts, majoring in music. Fans have been asking who is Sung Hoon’s wife, but In 2013, Sung Hoon and actress Shin Min-a confirmed that they had been dating for one year. They were reported to have met while shooting their television series MuDo in 2011. In August 2014, it was reported that Sung Hoon and Shin Min-a married in December 2012 at Hotel Shilla.

  1. Sung Hoon’s ideal woman

Sung Hoon said he is not picky about his perfect woman. He loves all women the same!

  1. Sung Hoon’s first love

Sung Hoon had a crush on the girl next door when he was young, but their relationship lasted only one year because of her parents’ opposition.

  1. Sung Hoon’s first kiss

He had kissed his girlfriend for the first time during their study abroad in Japan.

  1. Sung Hoon’s dating life

Sung Hoon is not interested in marriage right now because he thinks it’ll be hard to balance love life and work-life together.

  1. Sung Hoon’s ideal date

Sung Hoon wants to have a date to see the beautiful night view while drinking at a cafe because he likes to drink alone.

  1. Sung Hoon vs. EXO

He is very different from EXO in terms of his age and their music style. He also has been compared with other male idols such as BTS’s V or EXO’s Chanyeol.

  1. Sung Hoon’s ideal type of woman

“Someone healthy, cute, and has good style is my ideal type.”

  1. Sung Hoon’s least favorite thing about women

Sung Hoon answered he doesn’t like it when women wear too much makeup or dress up inappropriately because he thinks it’s superficial to dress up for a man.

  1. Sung Hoon vs. TWICE

He has always been compared with TWICE because his company is an agency under JYP Entertainment, and they are managed under many standard procedures such as “JYP Nation concert,” etc. He also used “Just one moment” as his morning alarm ringtone, which was also the title of TWICE’s debut song.

  1. Sung Hoon vs Kang Daniel

Many people think they are similar because of their activities in “MIXNINE,” but Sung Hoon claimed he is not like Kang Daniel.

  1. Sung Hoon’s pre-debut activities

Prior to debuting, he had made various TV appearances on programs such as Mnet’s “IZ” and more. He was also a guest member of temporary idol groups for the “ASTRO Project,” where he showcased his rap skills.

  1. What about Sung Hoon after “MIXNINE.”

Sung Hoon is now active as a singer with YG Entertainment, and it’s been around four months since he joined. Therefore, Sung Hoon has yet to have any official music releases as his debut song as a singer until this day.

  1. Sung Hoon vs. Jay Park

After Sung Hoon had won the show “MIXNINE,” Jay Park claimed that he was not interested in him at all, saying he is just a kid who hasn’t done anything yet, and it’s hard to be his fan.

  1. A story about Sung Hoon and EXO’s Chanyeol

During their radio show appearances, Sung Hoon said that he is not close with EXO’s Chanyeol. He revealed that he had contacted Chanyeol during the program, but they both stopped talking since they were busy with their schedules.

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