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Fashion Forecast 2021 Winter Trends: Europe’s Top Haute Couture Looks For Winters

Winter fashion 2021

New Year is around the corner, and we all are hoping for the best to occur. Just like the refreshing winter season, the fashion trend in Europe has also taken a refreshing turn over. Luxury Parisian houses in Europe have adopted unique ways to display their collection. Women fashion 2021 brands are maintaining the tradition of inspiring the world through a distance. No doubt, the innovative Europe fashion trends have left the world speechless with their mesmerizing designs. Below, discover the10 fashion trend 2021 from the top luxury Parisian brands of Europe.


Dior is always famous for its classic and contemporary fashion style. In 2021 fashion trend forecast of Dior has represented classic round shape garments and full-body suits and capes. This unique winter trend from Dior is already showcasing on the runways before the pandemic. This fashion trend in Europe is one of the major clothing trends that is going far with 2020, 2021 and hope so also in 2022.


Birdsong is an authentic label boutique in London that produces hand-knitted and stitch clothes. Birdsong has promised to deliver an elegant and classic range of clothing. In women’s fashion 2021 trends, Birdsong has collaborated and introduced a new vibrant range of clothes.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is an Old Italian fashion clothing house that was founded back in 1985. This luxurious brand is famous for portraying patterns and prints with bold colors. In 2021 fashion trends, this top Haute fashion brand has introduced new polka dots and floral collection. Dolce & Gabbana comes up with a unique fashion forecast for 2021 by portraying electric 90’s trends.

Yves Saint Lauren

Because 60 years back history, many people think Saint Lauren is not able to cope up with the modern fashion trends. But surprising, Yves Saint Lauren has renewed its Haute winter collection and make a special collaboration with 2021 fashion trends in Europe.


Founded 110 years back, The House of Channel is created by Coco Chanel. It is the oldest luxurious fashion brand in the world that introduces its authentic collection in the world of fashion every year. As a Parisian brand, Chanel focuses on introducing high-fashion and luxurious products for women. Alongside fragrances, Chanel is producing high-quality skin-care products, jewelry pieces, watches, and authentic fashion collection. With its iconic DNA, Chanel has already introduced its Autumn-Winter collection for women’s fashion 2021. In their new collection, Chanel has introduced a minimalistic lining design on their garments with a dark colour combination.


Chloe is a French luxury fashion house that is adorned by celebrities from all around the world. As compared to other luxury brands, Chloe works in discrete directions. Their fashion trends are always centered on the romantic spirit, feminine and impudent styles. In the latest fashion trend in Europe, Chloe has displayed its new winter-spring collection that consists of minimalistic colors, full-body coats, and leather stuff clothes.


Giambattista Valli is a passionate Italian designer. He represented its ready-to-wear and winter Haute women fashion clothes in semi-annual Paris Fashion Couture Week. This Haute Giambattista is the ballet room luxury fashion brand that introduces oversize tune gowns with a combination of large accent bows both in solid and minimalistic colour.

Viktor & Rolf

Founded in 1993, Viktor & Rolf is an astonishing and luxurious fashion house created by Dutch designers Rolf Snoeren & Viktor Horsting. This luxurious fashion house makes a fairly tail comes true by introducing full-body curved and trendy playful prints in the fashion forecast 2021. The unique thing about this Dutch brand is that they express a full blend of textures in garments, and it eventually represents another fashion trend in Europe.


The Fashion House of Balmain has embraced a new way of representing its new collection in Paris Fashion Week. In 2021 Europe Fashion Trends, Balmain has represented its haute couture with an influential touch of 90’s trend. Besides this, Balmain has used vegetable fibers and curved shapes in their new winter-autumn collection because of environmental concerns.


Gianni Versace is simply known as Versace….. It is an Italian fashion house and a trading name that was founded back in 1978. Versace is famous among celebrates for introducing their authentic and astonishing Italian-made ready-to-wear garments and several leather accessories. Versace has contributed fully to the fashion trend forecast 2021 by showcasing their new collection.

Apart from these luxury brands, there are many other top-branded fashion houses ( such as Victoria Secret, Gucci and many others) that have yet to introduce their show-up in the 2021 fashion trends for winter.