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Christmas Countdown 2021 _ Celebrate Your Christmas in the UK

Christmas 2021 in the UK

As another year comes to an end, people around the world are getting excited about sparkling lights, implausible decorations, non-stop sweets, delicious food, and gifts….Yes, we are talking about Christmas 2021. With twinkling lights, soothing music, party vibes, contemplates wine, and a festive atmosphere, Christmas brings happiness to everyone.

Christmas is basically a Christine community festival that indicates the Birth of Christ Jesus. According to traditions and history, Christmas is celebrated on 25th December of every year. It is the day when Roman Catholic Church marked the date of birth of Jesus. But in reality, no one knows the actual birth date of Jesus!!!

Before 2020, Christmas was considered the best holiday of the year. People start planning for this festival way before its date. But due to the pandemic and all situations of Corona, everything is changed. Now we still celebrate festivals but with strict SOPs. Some people don’t even get a chance to go out and enjoy themselves because of their all fear for Corona. If you are looking forward to making the best out of your Christmas holiday in the UK then this article is you.

When is Christmas 2021 in UK?

The Christmas festival holidays in Britain are up to four days in a row. People in the UK will celebrate Christmas 2021 on Sunday, 25th December. Let’s talk about other public Christmas holidays in England… People in the UK not only get a public holiday on Christmas day (25th December) but also for the next three days. In Britain, December 26 is known as a national Boxing Day. People in Britain have established new traditions and according to them, if one of these public holidays falls on the weekend then citizens will get two extra public holidays.

Traditional Christmas Day 2021 in UK

Even different changes have made their ways in old traditions, English Christmas day is still known with its great traditions back from the ninetieth century. From Christmas cards to Christmas decorations and from preparing lunch to exchanging gifts, English Christmas is still high on its customs and traditions.

According to traditions, Christmas is considered as a family event in Britain. People get up early morning to start their preparations for the day. Children also get up early to see their gifts from the Night Father of Christmas (Santa Clause). In Britain culture, Children believe that Santa Clause comes into their house through a chimney and bring gifts for them.

For those who are religious and respect this festival, go to church after breakfast to say their greetings to Jesus. After religious activities, people arrange dinner or Christmas lunch for their loved ones. Stuff Turkey and Christmas pudding are two essential items on the Christmas menu.

Not all people go to church after Christmas breakfast. As new traditions arise, grown-up people like to make the most out of their Christmas holiday. They watch Christmas movies with their friends and family, go to the park, arrange Christmas dinner or party and go for long drives in cold weather.

Christmas Carols in the UK

Singing is an essential part of British culture and Britain’s love to sing on every joyous occasion. Christmas Carols is an old English tradition that is still continuing in the country. Carol singing is a Christmas tradition in which people (young or adult) gathers in a street or knock from door-to-door singing Christmas songs and collecting charity for the poor.

Christmas 2021 Decoration Trends

People are always going after new trends. Celebrating a winter festival is not as hard as it looks. It is almost the end of October and Christmas is already on our heads. Do you have any idea how you will decorate your house this year? Among all holidays, Christmas gives you the best opportunity to showcase your aesthetic designs and creativity. From finding a perfect spot for hanging lights to settling a door chandelier, there are different ways to décor your house on Christmas 2021 in the UK.

  1. Create a cool Christmas card tree: we all receive countless Christmas cards. It is the time to use those beautiful greetings to create something beautiful.
  2. Create a chalkboard sign for Santa Clause: no doubt, Santa and Rudolf stop by every house to give gifts to kids and enjoy milk & cookies. There is nothing more meaningful to give them a warm welcome with a written message on the chalkboard.
  3. Decorate your Christmas table: showcase your creativity and create leaf garland on your Christmas dinner table. All you need is to get your hands on green craft paper and fun red jingle bells.

Use socks to create a cool look: In winter, we all look for cozy and warm to sit in and enjoy hot soups. Boost the cozy environment of your living room and line up your stockings for Santa gifts.

  1. Use festive pillows: bring in festive vibes in your house by redecorating your living room. Throw a bunch of cozy festive pillows and enjoy your Christmas movies.

Christmas Events 2021

As with a decrease in Corona cases, we are seeing the ease in event restrictions in England. You can enjoy your favorite festival in full by following the guidance and SOPs rules set by the government. Check out the list of some amazing events that are going to happen on Christmas 2021 in the UK.

Winter Wonderland (Hyde Parke, London

Spark the festive spirits in London’s one of the most spectacular parks, Winter Wonderland offers festive paradise on Christmas.

Southbank Winter Festival (Southbank Centre, London)

Enjoy sightseeing of illuminated wooden cabins and strings Christmas decoration, Southbank Winter Festival brings various family shows and festive fun activities for people.

The Victorian Christmas Festival (Portsmouth Historic Dockyard)

This Christmas 2021 festival in the UK is held in striking surroundings of Historic Dockyard. With an incredible range of 120 food markets, this event sparkle Christmas magic on everyone.

Padstow Christmas Festival (Padstow Cornwall)

Be ready to fulfill your appetite in the food festival of the Padstow Christmas Festival. More than 60 culinary experts showcase their cooking skills at the cooking demonstrations event that continues for four days in a row.

Christmas tree

How can we bind up this article without discussing the main festive spirit of Christmas? The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree goes pretty long back in the time. Originally Pagan originated this tradition to decorate a tree and celebrate the survival of Mother Nature in killing winters. The modern culture and tradition of the Christmas tree was first originated in Germany and spread in Christianity world.
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The tradition of decorating the tree at the Christmas festival arrived in the 19th Century in England. It was vividly promoted by the husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert. Decorating the Christmas tree has now become the main narrative of Christmas. In Britain, nothing can replace the presence and effect of the Christmas tree on festive spirits.

From Christmas shopping to Christmas markets, events, and gifts, there is more to come in your way. Connect your ways with us to get more updates and details about Christmas. Don’t forget to give us your precious feedback, your words mean a lot to us.